Why Professional Equine Appraisals is the Wise Choice



Accurate, Professional, Certified Professional Appraisal Services

I am a certified member of The American Society of Equine Appraisers (ASEA - #05905) and have more than thirty-five years experience in the equine industry - owning, training, showing, brokering and appraising. Iíve been told over and over again that my forte is my insight.

I bring an expert eye to every project and a keen perception of the variables that are critical to an objective valuation.  I firmly believe in ethical business practices  and for each evaluation I perform a rigorous examination of the dynamics that affect value.  

All Evaluations Result from Meticulous Research

All evaluations result from meticulous research. The highest level of confidentiality, knowledge, experience, and ethics is ensured for every client that I work with so that you can be assured of an accurate portrayal of a horse's worth.

Equine appraisal is decidedly different from most personal property valuations and should only be done by a recognized professional.  Besides accreditation or certification, a professional appraiser requires first-hand experience and in-depth knowledge of equine, specifics of the breed/discipline being evaluated, a thorough understanding of the industry, market influences, and the critical variables that influence value.  These attributes are especially important in difficult cases.

I am able to appraise most breeds and disciplines and provide a full range of services for  owners, buyers, sellers, auction houses, the insurance industry, financial institutions,  mediators, litigators, accountants or trustees.

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Good Judgement and Accountability are Imperative

As a qualified professional my responsibility is to determine an ethical and equitable valuation for the protection of owners, buyers, insurance carriers and lending institutions.  To fulfil that objective requires a keen eye, extensive research, due diligence, analysis and adherence to industry standards.   That's my mandate  and more importantly my commitment to you.

All Appraisals are Comprehensive

The type of appraisal  we perform is determined by intended use of the appraisal.  All appraisals are comprehensive, including thorough research, meticulous examination of the horse and where necessary may utilize veterinary exams and statements from trainers or other experts.  All details are compiled into a formal report.

This report normally includes a full description of the equine with photographs, an analysis of conformation and gait, documentation as to registration, bloodline, performance records (where applicable)  and any additional data that supports the conclusions and valuation.

Protect Your Financial Investment

A professional appraisal done by a qualified expert in the equine field is vital to all horse owners. Unexpected situations may occur that require you to prove the value of your horse.  For example, you certainly do not want to be under-insured in a situation where mortality, major medical, surgical and loss of use occurs.  This could result in significant financial loss for you.

Our work within the business and professional sector has often been done to resolve problems or settle affairs.  We have seen first hand that if owners had been more proactive in protecting their investment some of their problems could have been avoided.  These are insights that might be helpful to you.