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Services for Horse Owners

A professional appraisal done by a qualified expert in the equine field is vital to all horse owners. Unexpected situations may occur that require you to prove the value of your horse. 

Equine appraisal is decidedly different from most personal property valuations and having someone like Professional Equine Appraisals provide the evaluation gives you the added security of  using an accredited appraiser with experience, integrity, good judgement, insight and a passions for horses.

You will receive a formal report based on rigorous research and examination of all the factors that influence the valuation, substantiated with documentation.

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Services for Professionals and Business

We work with attorneys, accountants, trustees, insurance companies, financial institutions and the equine industry. 

Our experience ranges from litigation support to equitable bankruptcy disbursement, from valuations for secured loans to investment prospects.

All evaluations result from meticulous research, a thorough examination of the horse, a study of determinant variables.  You receive a comprehensive formal report which also includes any additional data that substantiates the conclusions and valuation.

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Certified Member of The American Society of Equine Appraisers (ASEA)  #05905