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We bring over 35 years of experience in the equine industry and a keen perception of the variables that are critical to an objective valuation.  We firmly believe in ethical business practices  and for each evaluation we perform a rigorous examination of the dynamics that affect value.

All evaluations result from meticulous research. Naturally, we conduct a thorough examination of the horse, including its conformation, gait, bloodline, performance  records and where necessary may utilize veterinary exams and statements from trainers or other experts.  Read More

Keeping in mind the purpose of the appraisal, we scrutinize other  determinants and factor these variables into our due diligence.  For example, economic conditions fluctuate, trends in the equine industry change, and regional differences may be a factor.

Comprehensive Report

All details of the valuation are compiled into a comprehensive formal report which also includes any additional data that substantiates the conclusions and valuation.

As dictated by the intended use of the appraisal, determined values may include:

  • Fair Market Value
  • Replacement Value
  • Wholesale Value
  • Liquidation Value
  • Consignment Value
  • Cull Value

All appraisals are confidential



Areas of Experience

We work with professionals such as attorneys and accountants, insurance and financial institutions, and the equine industry. 

Insurance Industry

  • Claims and underwriting
  • Claim disputes and litigation
  • Insurance valuation/forecasting

Financial Institutions

  • Valuation for secured loans/collateral for all lending institutions
  • Bankruptcy/liquidation valuations

Litigation Support

  • Divorce, estate and probate depositions
  • Contract and fraud disputes
  • Pre-trial investigations for claims/damages
  • Pre-trial liability appraisals for litigation
  • Evaluation of opposition’s appraisal/interrogatory questions
  • Assistance in preparing questions for litigants and appraisers
  • Assistance in rebuttal preparation regarding valuation
  • Expert witness testimony or deposition.

Accounting/Trustee Support

  • Sales and purchases
  • Equitable distributions for bankruptcy
  • Tax planning for livestock related business ventures
  • Assistance with audits or inquiries
  • Market evaluation for non-cash charitable donations
  • Estate planning
  • Asset liquidation

Buyers, Sellers, Brokers and Auction Houses

  • Livestock acquisition valuation
  • Livestock marketing
  • Retrospective & prospective valuation

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