Take Heed



Protect Your Financial Investment

A professional appraisal done by a qualified expert in the equine field is vital to all horse owners. Unexpected situations may occur that require you to prove the value of your horse.  For example, you certainly do not want to be under-insured in a situation where mortality, major medical, surgical and loss of use occurs.  This could result in significant financial loss for you.  More

Our work with attorneys, accountants, and insurance companies indicates how essential a professional equine appraisal is.  Simply a good business practice to protect your financial investment. More

Appraisal Values are Time Sensitive

Please remember that appraisal values are time sensitive.  Economic conditions and trends in the horse industry do change and an appraisal value may increase or decrease significantly in a short period of time.

Appraisals are conducted for a purpose and the determined value of an appraisal may be affected determined in .  The type of appraisal, Please remember that appraisal values are time sensitive.



What Factors Can Affect an Appraisal?

Regional Differences

The region where a horse is located can have an affect on the value of a horse, so if you relocate a horse to a different province or state or country a new appraisal may be required.

Ensure an Appraisal Serves Your Current Needs 

Please be advised that conducting your own research and analysis may not be acceptable for your intended purpose. 

Do You Need a Legal Document?  Only a written report prepared by a qualified/accredited/certified professional appraiser may serve as a legal document or be accepted by lending institutions or insurance underwriters. 

Dissimilar Purposes

We recommend that you do not use one appraisal for more than one dissimilar purposes.  For example an appraisal prepared for a bankruptcy trustee is entirely inappropriate for use in determining replacement value of an equine for insurance purposes. 



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